FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )

Q: Can a stained-glass window fit into all types of frame?
A: Yes, wood, aluminium, iron, stone are all regularly used to frame stained-glass windows, as you can see from the examples on our site.

Q: What maintenance does a stained-glass window necessitate ?
A: None, it can be cleaned as plain glass.

Q: Are the colours of the glass attacked by ultra-violet rays?
A: No, the glass is stained throughout with oxydes which make it colour-fast.

Q: Is the protective glass acknowledged by insurance companies ?
A: Yes, we adapt our work to the demands of each insurance company.

Q: What happens if a stained-glass window breaks?
A: No problem, we replace the broken pieces and, if your stained-glass window is insured, you can claim on your insurance.

Q: Can a stained-glass window be installed anywhere?
A: Yes, anywhere : walls, ceilings, inside and outside doors, niches, partition walls, bathrooms, etc..
If there is no opening with natural light, the stained-glass window can be lit up (luminous casings, mirror frescos)

Q: Can the stained-glass be placed on existing windows?
A: Yes, the stained glass can be placed directly on double glazing which enables the thermal comfort to be preserved as well as protecting the stained-glass window.

Q: Can a stained-glass window stop people looking in ?
A: Yes, for this we use a selection of colourescent and opalescent glass which lets light through but stops people looking inside.

Q: Can glass bricks be replaced by a stained-glass window?
A: Yes, once the glass bricks have been removed, we can place the stained-glass window in a protective laminated double-glazing, in a frame of your choice.
In the case of a vis-à-vis, it is possible to stop people looking inside with opalescent glass.

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