The stained-glass window,
as well as all art glasswork,
crafted by contemporary glasswork artists, renews its decorative place

According to the site,
bright or pale colours
can be chosen, highlighting
figurative or geometric designs
and enhancing the light.


Together with other craftmen (Stone-cutters, Wrought Iron Artists, Carpenters, Decorators), we can design a decorative line integrating the stained-glass window with different materials.

In each case, we propose original designs.

A stained-glass window adapts and can be integrated into any environment and personalizes it. Mounted on lead as in days gone by and made to measure, it can become the star-piece of a bedroom or living-room, but also improve in an original way, a window over-looking a courtyard, or a bathroom window, stairwell openings, etc...

This décor can be co-ordinated into the interior design : ceiling lights, lamp-shades, wall lamps, finely worked mirrors, glass doors, windows, etc.

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